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About Us

Our commitment to you is to obtain the best rates, risk resources and recommend only the most appropriate coverages. We provide consultancy, and annual reviews of existing coverages. Furthermore, in the unlikely event of a claim, rest assured we facilitate for expedient settlements. In order for us to provide you the better rates and determine the sufficiency of insurances, you could provide us with the list or schedule of which would contain the following information:

  1. Fire policy
    a.) Property Insured - with corresponding description of items
    b.) Sum Insured - under existing coverage or amount of
    insurance needed.
    c.) Perils Insured - or type of insurance needed.
    d.) Date of expiry - of existing policies or any new requirements
  2. Personal Accidents of students and Staff
    a) sum insured
    b) package of coverages
    c) date of expiry
  3. Motor Vehicle
    a) type of coverage- private or commercial policies
    b) year model and type of car- manual or automatic
    c) date of expiry

Claims procedure:

  • No need for time consuming and expensive documentation.
  • No police reports, affidavits, pictures, stencils and repair estimates.
  • No need to drive-in your vehicles to a repair shop. Our in-house adjusters will pick-up your documents and inspect your vehicle at your specified place not later than the next working day to allow immediate repairs.
  • Wide Network of highly rated accredited repair shops. Our highly rated accredited repair shops which include many major car dealerships are committed to use no less than 2k painting systems to ensure quality workmanship.
  • Easy Accessibility. Our call center allows you to reach us faster and easier. Our network of on-line branch offices allows us to attend to your claims and other requirements promptly.
  • All these are indicated in existing policies. To simplify matters, just provide us a copy/copies and we could give our rates straight away, well in advance of expiry dates. For your convenient reference, we have included a list of our product and services and our clients.

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